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Administrative Transformation FAQs

Administrative Transformation Frequently Asked Questions


In order to best support the university’s academic, research and outreach missions, we are engaged in an administrative transformation initiative. Virginia Tech must build on its capacity to deliver administrative and business services that are aligned with the strategic direction of the university. We must take advantage of advanced technology and delivery methods. 

By completing this transformation initiative, we will be able to acknowledge areas where we are best-in-class and continue to identify opportunities to improve. We will also be able to identify areas where change is needed and manage that change with purpose, clear direction, and strategic alignment.

For instance, we should be able to eliminate unnecessary work flows and duplicative efforts across the university. We will be able to professionalize work environments. In addition we will foster a culture of excellence and continuous improvement.

The transformation initiative is designed to be implemented in two phases. Phase 1 is the assessment phase. This phase was launched in April, 2019, and will take place through the summer months. Phase 1 wrapped up with recommendations in August 2019.

Phase 2 will consist of prioritizing and implementing the recommendations found during the assessment phase. This implementation was launched fall 2019. 

Led by the Senior Vice President and Chief Business Officer Dwayne Pinkney, Virginia Tech partnered with Deloitte to complete Phase 1, the assessment phase. Deloitte examined the processes and services of the finance, business operations, human resources, facilities and space management areas of Virginia Tech. View the Deloitte final report here.