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Campus Accessibility Working Group

Campus Accessibility Working Group

About the Campus Accessibility Working Group

Formed in 2018, the Campus Accessibility Working Group - through a transparent and transdisciplinary approach - identifies opportunities and solutions that advance university accessibility in a collaborative and coordinated manner across divisions and work streams. Roles include: 

  • Identifying university level accessibility initiatives and advance project plan and funding requests in a consolidated manner
  • Sharing best practices across operating units
  • Collaborating on programs that cross departmental units
  • Advocating for accessibility programs and services that take the university beyond compliance
  • Serving as point of contact for Disability Alliance and Caucus to share concerns, suggestions, and innovative ideas
  • Assessing and monitoring progress towards advancing university accessibility in all campus locations 


We believe that everyone should be able to learn, teach, innovate and serve, and we commit to proactively creating inclusive and accessible environments.

Campus Accessibility Working Group Principles

  • All areas who have accessibility responsibility should be working towards the same vision
  • While compliance is a requirement, we should seek to proactively provide a campus that is free of barriers
  • Our resource allocations should be coordinated and decisions should align with our vision
  • Our vision should align with the university's strategic plan and core values


The Campus Accessibility Working Group leverages existing expertise, programs, and support services to fulfill its vision. Representatives include:

  • Division of Student Affairs
  • Office for Equity and Accessibility
  • Office for Inclusion and Diversity
  • Division of Information Technology
  • University Relations
  • Enterprise Administrative and Business Services
  • Division of Campus Planning, Infrastructure, and Facilities
  • Division of Finance

Input is frequently incorporated from stakeholders such as the Accessibility Network at Virginia Tech, the Disability Alliance, Disability Caucus, and employee and student governance groups to implement ADA compliance and accessibility-related projects.

Campus Accessibility Working Group News

Campus Accessibility Working Group Annual Reports