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IT Transformation at Virginia Tech

Man demostrating the “LACE”, a project created through a collaboration between faculty and students in Virginia Tech’s School of Visual Arts and Department of Computer Science.

The IT Transformation Program is a comprehensive effort to reshape and strengthen IT operations, career pathways, security, and services across Virginia Tech. Beginning with a 2021 assessment of capabilities, needs, and gaps, IT Transformation is working to increase alignment of the university's IT organizations and processes and to establish clear pathways for collaboration. The newly established model for shared governance elevates deliberation and parity in IT decision-making across the university, while other projects foster innovation, improve efficiency, cultivate IT talent, and mitigate our cybersecurity risks.


Information technology is integral to Virginia Tech’s ability to achieve its ambitious Beyond Boundaries vision and priorities. It is imperative that the university develop a more effective, coordinated and responsive IT operating model that closely aligns with the university’s changing needs. Across the administrative and academic enterprises, the institution’s long-term success relies on how well we do this.

With this in mind, the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors charged the Office of the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer (EVPCOO) to assess the current state of IT at the university. In September 2021, the university engaged Deloitte to conduct a thorough universitywide review of information technology operations and security. Based upon these findings, leaders in the Office of the Executive Vice President and Chief Business Officer, the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost, the Office of the Vice President for Information Technology and CIO, and other key stakeholders at Virginia Tech have developed a prioritized, Virginia Tech-specific IT Transformation program.

Charged by the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors in June 2021 to assess the current state of IT at the university, the Office of the Executive Vice President and Chief Business Officer engaged Deloitte to conduct a thorough universitywide review of information technology operations and security. The review began in September 2021 and ran through the fall semester. It focused on the following domains:

  • IT Governance
  • IT Finance
  • IT Talent
  • Technology Capabilities
  • Service Management
  • Cybersecurity

Deloitte’s report was structured around these domains and includes detailed analyses, recommendations, a roadmap, and a draft implementation plan to execute the report’s recommendations.

Deloitte Report Sections:  

IT Transformation university-wide launch (recorded Feb. 3, 2022) | Slides (PDF)

Virginia Tech IT Transformation Implementation Roadmap

IT Transformation Anticipated Project Timeline and link to the list of projects IT Transformation Project Timeline and link to the list of projects Governance 1.1 Define the University-wide IT Operating Model to clarify roles and responsibilities for IT across VT. 1.2  Establish a University-wide IT Governance model 1.3 Establish University-wide IT project management office and IT enterprise architecture functions. 1.3 IT Enterprise Architecture Functions. Finance 2.1 Optimize funding model to centrally fund more commodity IT services and simplify cost-recovery. 2.2 Streamline and Improve IT Procurement Talent 3.1 Revise the organizational structure within DoIT to streamline reporting and establish additional capabilities. 3.2 Job Architecture Project Technology Capabilities 4.1 Enhance Data Governance to enable greater access, reporting, quality & classification over data roles, responsibilities. 4.2 Deploy a common integration layer to enhance data sharing across systems. 4.3 Rationalize application portfolio across VT. 4.4 Establish data center consolidation strategy and explore enhancing cloud capabilities. 4.5 Define strategy for effectively adopting managed services and SaaS solutions. Service Management 5.1 Implement University-wide CMDB processes and tools. 5.2 Enhance maturity of core ITSM processes to enable service delivery and improve the customer experience. Cybersecurity 6.1  Elevate Minimum Security Controls to CIS IG2 6.2 Implement a 24x7 Security Operations Center 6.3 Maturing Identity and Access Management 6.4-6.5 Improved Endpoint Protection 6.6 Develop Procedure Guides to Augment the Minimum Security Standards. Implementation Phase Operational Phase

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