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Job Architecture Project

The architecture is a multi-year project to design and implement a comprehensive job structure and to create a pay structure for A/P faculty jobs across the university that reflect competitive market data. The A/P faculty job architecture will illustrate career paths to assist managers and A/P faculty with workforce and career planning and will provide the basis for a transition to more consistent, equitable, and transparent compensation practices.

This project reflects Virginia Tech’s strategic priority to Be a Destination for Talent and our commitment to our Principles of Community.

This project brings value to Virginia Tech by:

  • Creating the additional structure for A/P Faculty to align market-based compensation to support the university's goal of becoming a destination for talent
  • Providing employees with career mapping information by classifying A/P Faculty positions into functions, sub-functions, disciplines, and levels
  • Introducing consistent job titling methodology within functions of A/P Faculty positions
  • Producing a valid set of position summaries and related qualifications for recruitment resources

This project will:

  • Create a job architecture of functions, sub-functions, disciplines, and levels and apply them to A/P Faculty Positions
  • Use the job architecture to identify market-based pay information
  • Adapt Banner and PageUp systems to store and enter job architecture and market-based pay information
  • Populate the Data Warehouse to enable reporting of job architecture and market-based pay information
  • Produce a website and web tool to facilitate career mapping, pay transparency, and provide additional resources for recruitment

Project Team Members:

Executive Sponsor: Bryan Garey, VP for Human Resources

Project Lead: Evans Lusuli, Director of Compensation

Project Manager: Craig Hopkins, IT Project Manager/Business Analyst

Candice Albert, Assistant Dean of Business Finance and Administration, College of Natural Resources and Environment

Lee Bishop, Business Manager, College of Engineering

Bridget Brugger-McSorley, Senior Associate Athletic Director, Athletic Department

Renee Byrd, Director of Affirmative Action, Office for Equity and Accessibility

Deborah Fulton, Associate Vice President for Enterprise Systems, Division of Information Technology

Martha Glass, Interim Dean of Students

Debbie Greer, Senior Director of Finance and Business Operations, Enterprise Operations

Sue Gregory, Director of Finance, Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine

Amy Hogan, Assistant Provost for Leadership Initiatives

April Hylton, Assistant Dean for Administration, College of Veterinary Medicine

Stephen Kleiber, Assistant Dean of Finance and Administration, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Sharon Kurek, Executive Director of Audit Risk and Compliance, Office of Audit, Risk and Compliance

Laurel Miner, Assistant Vice President and Chief of Staff, Division of Research and Innovation

Beth Osbourne, Assistant Dean of Administration, Pamplin College of Business

Erin Poff, Assistant Dean for Administration and Finance, College of Architecture, Arts, and Design

Brian Shabanowitz, Associate Dean for Administration and Finance, Chief of Staff, College of Liberal Arts and Humanities

Jane Swan, Assistant Vice President Resources Planning, Outreach and International Affairs

Will Walton, Assistant Dean of Finance and Administration, College of Science

Virginia Tech

Sandee Cheynet, Assistant Vice President of Talent

Evans Lusuli, Director of Compensation

Susan Hughes, Senior Advisor to the Vice President for Human Resources

Sara Lucy, Senior Compensation Analyst

Alicia Eaton, Compensation Analyst

Bella Krisfalusi, Junior Compensation Analyst

Ernst & Young

Preston Handler, Engagement Lead

Dana Krieg, Engagement Lead

Luc Jambon, Staff Consultant

Bill Murphy, Engagement Partner

Project Management and Communications

Allen Campbell, Senior Director for Application Architecture and Planning

Craig Hopkins, IT Project Manager / Business Analyst, Enterprise Systems

Ross Mecham, Director of Organizational Development

Patricia Simpson, Senior Project Manager, Process Improvement, Division of Human Resources

Laurie Stacy, Director of Communications, Division of Human Resources


Marie Bliss, Assistant Vice President for Human Resources Administration

Kevin Buhrdorf, Director for Human Resources Applications, Information Technology

Cara Epperly, Manager of Employee Administration

Laura Hagy, HR Systems Administrator

Steve Yi, Associate Director for HR Applications


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